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OLLIE    Mr &Mrs Williams Harrogate

He's full of energy and will play for hours. He's got a really healthy appetite and empties his bowl in record time!
 He seems to know when its bed time and we've not yet had one disturbed night - perfect!
Thanks again to you all at Animal Heaven,we really appreciate all the love and care you gave to Ollie before he came to us.


SPROCKET      Mrs Hawson & family

He spends all his time being fabulous. He loves walks, kisses and eating. He is a cheeky chappy whom we all adore especially our Jack Russell many thanks for our precious boy!




Tuppence is doing very well, and what an enjoyment she is. Every one we bump into is enthralled by her. She is our little helper, she closes the fridge door and other kitchen cabinet doors. She also fetches a ball when thrown and is walking in the park off lead, She is a dear little soul and well loved. 



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